Constipation Remedies You Need to Know


Steps on Relieving Constipation Pain

Pain caused by constipation can cause such a disruption to your daily routine. However, there are some simple remedies that you can use at home to achieve relief- and according to the NHS, introducing some changes to your present diet is the first and most important step.

A common condition, constipation is where a person experiences a difficulty emptying his bowels. The usual symptoms include feeling sick and bloated as well as a stomach ache.

There are a number of causes of the condition. However, the most common one has something to do with the kind of diet that a person is leading. People who are not putting in enough fibre to their daily diet are likely to suffer from the condition. The same is true for those that tend to ignore the urge of going to the toilet. In addition, people who do not drink enough fluids every day are at risk too.

It is reassuring though that there are certain steps that one can take in order to treat constipation and achieve relief. Changes to your current diet would account for the first three steps that you need to do. Your poo can be made significantly softer if you will make sure to drink plenty of fluids on a day to day basis. It is going to be easier to pass too if you will try to avoid alcohol as much as you can. Making sure that more fibre is introduced to your daily diet is going to have a positive impact to the condition too. Among the things that you can add to your meals are bran, wheat, linseed, and oats.

The next steps have something to do with improving your regular toilet routine and increasing your activity. You will find it easier to pass your stool when you engage in daily walks or runs. For it to be more effective, it is best to keep the activity at a specific place and time. In addition, you need to allot yourself with the necessary time to use the toilet. The moment you feel the urge, it is best to heed it. Ignoring it is only likely to result in constipation later on.

If you are presently experiencing constipation, it helps when you are pooping right. The ideal way to poo is to get your feet rested on a low stool while you are sat on the toilet seat. It is even better of you can get your knees raised above your hips.

For those that want to get medical advice, pharmacists are able to help. They can suggest the right laxative which should help make it easier for you to pass your stool. Laxatives tend to work within three days and it is important to use them only for a short period. In addition, they are also not recommended for children, unless a GP prescribes it to them.

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